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A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.


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Extra special welcome

Off to Kirkby Lonsdale today to do some shopping.  It’s such a pretty Victorian town with plenty of interesting shops and a variety of places to eat out.  We are also going to see the florist about delivery of hand-tied bouquets for guests who want that little bit extra.  We are also organising gift boxes of hand made chocolates too.

Another hot day in the dales


Another hot day in the dale with sheep pressing up to the stone walls in order to take advantage of any shade that may be afforded.

Other victims of the heat are the myriad of primroses which are sprinkled across the north western slopes of Southerscales.  Their season will, no doubt, be hastened to an end now as will that of the many forget-me-nots in the garden. (more…)

Homegrown breakfast


Out in the garden at 6 this morning to pick rhubarb.  We serve poached rhubarb with lashings of Greek style yoghurt as one of the fruit options at breakfast. At that time the air is full of birdsong – curlew, oystercatcher, great tit, chaffinch-  to name but a few and by 6.30 all is drowned out by the bleating and baaing of lamb and ewe as the shepherd arrives with supplementary feed.

A walk passed the Chapel


Went on a short walk passed the Chapel of the Fells toward Whernside this morning.  Plenty of primroses and even oxlips in the woods. Saw a large bed of Herb Paris and the occasional early purple orchid. There’s a bank in the churchyard that’s covered in Water Avens too – fantastic.

Our local Cave Rescue Organisation counted the money in our collecting tin today. A grand total of £21.34 was donated by guests in 2009 – thank you to everyone who contributed. CRO is a voluntary rescue team made up of local experienced cavers, climbers and walkers who give their time freely to help those in need of assistance.  The team is funded entirely by charitable donations and is on call at all times, day or night.

First cuckoo of the year


We heard the first cuckoo of the year in the dale today and the swallows have already arrived.  We have several pairs of jackdaws nesting in the hamlet and we could see them pecking at the moss on the barn roof – presumably to use as nesting material.

First blog


A new web site and our first blog entry.  We dismantled the winter hibernating quarters we made for hedgehogs today – no-one took up full occupancy but we did have a hare shelter in it for several days in the snowy weather we had at Christmas. We can see hares from the kitchen window. They are busy nibbling the green pasture on the lower slopes of Ingleborough, weaving their way between the ewes with lambs at foot.

Great news for 3 Peaks walkers

Croft Gate now stocks a range of Fell Walkers Friends products.  Survive the great outdoors – use healing  Aloe Vera Gel and comforting creams blended with therapeutic essential oils.

Try our First Aid for Aching feet or our Muscle and Joint Ease Cream. 

All made by Pure Lakes