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Trip to the Lakes


We’ve had all sorts of weather this week – from sunny blue days to snow, rain and howling winds.  We took a trip out to the lakes on Monday, taking the car ferry across Windermere to Hawkshead.  Then, on to Ambleside and a quick look round the garden centre and on to Lakeland for a coffee before returning home.

Our resident hedgehog is back in action, helping to control the slug invasion and we now have two ewes with lambs at foot in the field opposite the kitchen window. (more…)



Just been down the garden to check the new growth on the delphiniums and already there is slug damage – time to restart the nightly prowls, armed with torch and a sharp pair of scissors. We do have hedgehogs passing through but they only tip the iceberg in terms of slug control.

Talking of hedgehogs – we have just cleared out the hibernation house to put it away until next winter.  No occupants this year – not even a return of the hare that used it as a shelter Christmas 09.  We have saved the hay and tied it up so that it hangs from the bird feeding station.  When nest building begins it provides a useful source of material for some of the local birds. (more…)

Snow on the fells


Snow on the fells again today but spring is definitely round the corner.  Snowdrops are flowering in the churchyard and we have snowdrops, primroses and hellebores out in the garden.  We are beginning to hear birdsong too – robin mostly and the call of great tits.  Siskin and linnets have been extras to our bird feeding station and the raucous cawing of rooks leaves us in no doubt that they have returned to the rookery in the coppice by Nether Glen to nest.

One of T’s Soay sheep died overnight – an eleven year old ewe, in lamb too – what a shame. (more…)

Lovely day


What a lovely day we had yesterday.  It was sunny, dry and warm – well, warm for this altitude anyway.  We spent the entire day doing jobs in the garden.  We covered most of the vegetable plot in plastic to help the ground to dry out a little before planting, although given the amount of rain that fell last weekend, the words stable door and bolted come to mind. (more…)

Yet more rain


Twistleton Scars

Yet more rain – torrential. We are expecting to end up as we were two weeks ago when the normally Chapel Beck turned into a raging torrent flooded the bridge and blocked our way to the main road. It certainly makes for an exhilarating experience for those exploring the Waterfalls Walk.

In between we have had some wonderful crisp, blue, sunny days. We managed a walk down to Thornton Force gazing up at Buzzards circling (more…)

At last the mist has cleared!


At last the mist has cleared.  For the last 48 hours we have been shrouded in thick mist – gloomy in the day and very difficult to drive in at night.

The only benefit of such poor visibility is that it seems to halt all RAF activity.  We’re all very used to low flying aircraft whizzing over our  heads and automatically stop conversation mid sentence and put hands over ears if we  hear a jet approaching.  Even the sheep maintain an air of nonchalance.  However, earlier this week activity had seemed to increase, particularly in the early evening darkness.  (more…)

More snow!


More snow today and an earthquake last night! We had just gone to bed at 9 0’clock when we heard a terrific roaring sound. We rushed outside along with other hamlet dwellers but could see nothing. It was only when we were listening to the 7 0’clock news this morning that we realized we had experienced our second earthquake in just a few months. (more…)

Happy New Year


A quiet New Year and time to reflect on 2010. Did we enjoy it? We certainly did – we love every minute of running the B and B and reckon all of our guests in 2010 have been absolutely lovely.

We’ve met such interesting people – Scotland Yard Detective to American Diplomats, Hoteliers, Vets, Rock Event Organiser to Botanist and Archaeologist.

We’ve had people stay for romantic breaks, as a stopover while cycling Land’s End to John O’ Groats, to draw, paint, write poetry, walk across the Ribblehead viaduct, complete the Three Peaks Challenge, learn to play the violin, fly eagles at the local bird of prey centre and we even had a young man climb Ingleborough and propose to his partner at the summit! (more…)

Happy Christmas


Winter Solstice – longest night – and a lunar eclipse too which, sadly, we couldn’t see. Still it is very much a cause for celebration. High in the dale, we feel the seasons acutely and it is good to know that for the next few months our hours of daylight will be getting longer. (more…)



We have had three hen pheasants hanging in the outbuildings for ten days now and we decided to prepare them today. We always skin rather than pluck as it is much less messy. It’s always fascinating to examine the contents of the crop to see what the birds have been eating – corn in this case and although the hen pheasant is much less flamboyant in plumage than the cock, the detailed and intricate patterns on the feathers are exquisite. They’re now crammed into the freezer ready to parcel up in streaky bacon and roast when we fancy them. Also took the opportunity to freeze several portions of home -made leek and potato soup and to make some potato cakes for the freezer. We’re going to offer these for breakfast instead of hash browns in the future – it’s a little more individual and of course, home – made. (more…)