Croft Gate Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Ingleton.

A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.




Just been down the garden to check the new growth on the delphiniums and already there is slug damage – time to restart the nightly prowls, armed with torch and a sharp pair of scissors. We do have hedgehogs passing through but they only tip the iceberg in terms of slug control.

Talking of hedgehogs – we have just cleared out the hibernation house to put it away until next winter.  No occupants this year – not even a return of the hare that used it as a shelter Christmas 09.  We have saved the hay and tied it up so that it hangs from the bird feeding station.  When nest building begins it provides a useful source of material for some of the local birds.

Frogs spawned in the pond last night – three weeks earlier than last year and ramsons is beginning to push its way through the earth beneath the copse.  T says she expects her Soays to lamb about the third week in April so that is a date for the diary and her hens are laying well which makes for delicious eggs for the B and B breakfast.

We are planning to walk down the dale tomorrow and follow the River Doe for a while.  Guests we had staying last week reported sightings of Dipper and Redshank and we have certainly heard the piping of Oystercatchers.

It’s 5.30 and the sun is just setting over Morecambe Bay.  A bright shaft of sunlight is catching Southerscales.  Sublime.

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