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We’ve just returned

We’ve just returned from a mid-week  break in South West Scotland – in the Isle of Whithorn.  It’s a tiny fishing village right on the tip of the  Machars  peninsula, extremely quiet and very pretty. It has a harbour (where five trawlers arrived to shelter from storms on the day we left), rocky headlands and an early Christian history.

Burrowhead is within walking distance and those who are fans of the original Wicker Man film will know that this is the location of the huge, burning effigy at the end of the film.  The charred stumps remain if you know where to look.

We’ve been spending time on the Isle for many years and always make sure we visit Logan Botanical Gardens while we are so near. ( Another Wicker Man location).  The mild air of the Gulf Stream enables a wonderful range of exotic flora to be cultivated and whatever the season, there are always plants of interest.

There was something comforting about the familiar call of curlew and oystercatcher and the little turnstones scurrying along the beach are always fascinating to watch.

It’s good to be home though.  By the sound of the constant tapping inside the nesting box we have a temporary lodger at least, if not a tenant.  The snowdrops and crocus are all over and have been succeeded by swathes of lungwort and daffodils,  bringing new colour to the garden.

T’s herd of goats next door now have two additions – one black kid and one pale brown.  Her Soay sheep are due to lamb next week  and she has hens sitting on eggs so soon there will be little yellow balls of fluff running round the hamlet too.

Have picked and poached rhubarb today and it’s time to make more crispy porridge and fat rascals. We’re going to have a granola making day tomorrow unless its dry outside, in which case it will be onion planting instead!

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