Croft Gate Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Ingleton.

A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.


Marsh Helleborine


What a busy summer! Thank goodness we now use a laundry service for our bed linen and towels  – crisp white linen without hours of washing and ironing  – what a treat!

We have managed the odd trip out though including a memorable visit to Ingleborough nature reserve just up the road to see the Marsh Helleborines in flower – particularly exquisite this year.

We have harvested all our summer fruit – raspberries, black and red currants and gooseberries –  and stored in the freezer along with some home-made elderflower cordial. There will just be wild blackberries to pick in the autumn and then our winter fruit supplies will be sorted.

We are busy harvesting vegetables now – broad beans, onions, potatoes, garlic and tomatoes – and are keeping an eye on the French and runner beans ready to pick them as soon as they are at their best.

Despite planting borage, we have noticed that there are fewer bees in the garden this year so pollination may be an issue.

All manner of birds are still visiting the feeding stations and we are delighted to have regular visits from warblers.  The cry of the curlew can still be heard in the evenings and the busy chattering of swallows fills the morning air.

The year is passing though. All the sheep in the dale have now been sheared and it wont be long  until the dale rings with the desperate bleats of separated lamb and ewe as weaning begins and the strong bond  that has been developing since lambing time in the spring is finally broken.

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