Croft Gate Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Ingleton.

A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.


First flakes of snow


We have had our first snow of the season this week and some lovely crisp, blue mornings when we have had to scrape ice from the Landrover windscreen.

Tupping is well underway now and we can’t help but smile as we see field after field of ewes with coloured rumps.  The shepherd straps a piece of coloured chalk to the tup by means of a leather harness or alternatively rubs ruddle or a sticky dye substance onto the tups chest.  As the tup covers a ewe he leaves the tell tale sign of a coloured bottom on his chosen ewe. (No room for modesty here!)  This lets the shepherd know which ewes have been covered and also, if the colour of the chalk  is changed regularly, when the ewes will lamb.  Thus he will be able to plan lambing, knowing for instance, that ewes with a red bottom will lamb two weeks before those sporting a blue rear and so on.

We purchased several large tubs of paint a few weeks ago, confident that we would have time to decorate and deep clean rooms before Christmas.  How wrong we were! We have been surprisingly busy and every weekend up to the end of December is now fully booked. Our Romantic Retreats Offer for the Shippon has been really popular and we have organised several bouquets and boxes of chocolates recently for guests celebrating special occasions.

We have also had guests stay with us who have booked to spend a day at the Hawk Experience in Horton in Ribblesdale.  A whole day can be spent flying a variety of raptors, culminating in the offering of a chick to an enormous, swooping sea eagle with an eight foot wing span – a very special priviledge.

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