Croft Gate Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Ingleton.

A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.


Award winning food


Nipped down to Ingleton yesterday to buy more award winning black pudding and sausage from Pearson the butcher, then across the road to Greeengages for some mini pears – sweet, juicy and crisp.  As usual we ended up in Seed Hill nursery.  It’s  in the centre of the village and although small, is full of plants.  We were tempted to buy a lovely blue scabious and as Adrian, the owner, had “popped out” we, like everyone else , put the money through the letter box.  There can’t be many places where the owner is so trusting and the customers so trustworthy!

Today we managed some “time out” for a wander round the old limestone quarry at Ribblehead.  It’s a fascinating environment – the richness and diversity of what seems at times to be growing out of bare rock is amazing.  We were acting on a tip off from a botanist who stayed with us a few weeks ago.  He told us where to find the Fragrant Orchid growing.  We did indeed find evidence of orchid but sadly we were too late to see the flowers – just the seed heads remaing for this year.  We’re not too sharp at the ID of orchids when in flower so the seed head presented an unsolvable challenge!  However, they were definitely orchid seed heads  but a more refined ID will have to wait until flowering next year.  We did notice lots of Bird’s Eye Primrose seed heads too so we will definitely return in Spring , if not before.

We ended our walk with a look at the archaeological remains of a viking age settlement before dashing back to the Landrover to dodge yet another thunderstorm.

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