Croft Gate Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Ingleton.

A luxury 4 star bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale, near Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales.


At last the mist has cleared!


At last the mist has cleared.  For the last 48 hours we have been shrouded in thick mist – gloomy in the day and very difficult to drive in at night.

The only benefit of such poor visibility is that it seems to halt all RAF activity.  We’re all very used to low flying aircraft whizzing over our  heads and automatically stop conversation mid sentence and put hands over ears if we  hear a jet approaching.  Even the sheep maintain an air of nonchalance.  However, earlier this week activity had seemed to increase, particularly in the early evening darkness.  At one point we heard a terrific rumbling and rushed outside in the dark believing another earthquake was starting.  However, out from the darkness, coming straight for us, roared a very low flying, huge helicopter, so low we could see the camouflage livery and the blurred image of the pilot too.  For a brief moment the extreme noise was both overwhelming and exciting and then it was gone into the night.

Still on the subject of flight but on a more gentler note, we have seen an increase, at weekends, of paragliders soaring on the thermals by Ingleborough.  What a view they must have but mighty cold this time of year surely.

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